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Celebrate Jim's Retirement

Special Coffee Hour in Parish Hall | Sunday, May 28


Join us in appreciation of Jim Gilliam, who is retiring as church groundskeeper after 12 years of dedicated work. Jim has been our go-to guy for everything big and small for the grounds of St. Paul's. We're sure he'll be zipping around in his collectors' El Camino, hitting the car shows and will be busy remodeling his new home. Offerings for his retirement can be made in the collection plate or to the office or in the parish hall at the time of the celebration.


Treasurer’s Financial highlight: St. Paul’s cash flow


In an effort to inform and communicate more clearly to our parish, I will share topics that we discuss regularly in Vestry meetings with everyone in the parish! The first topic selected is our church’s cash flow.  Pledging and giving at St. Paul’s does not occur evenly over the year.  It actually is cyclical.  We have several parishioners that make lump sum gifts at the end of the year or very beginning of the year.  That means, we have healthy cash balances from November into the summer.  However, our operating account tends to get low during the summer months, typically when people are less frequent visitors.  The bills continue but the cash flow slows way down.  We have to borrow from other sources to make ends meet. 


One way weekly/monthly contributors can help in this area is by either setting up an automatic draw through our bank or automatic bill pay.  If you are interested in an automatic draw, contact Selma in the office and she can help guide you through the sign-up process.  Or if you are online bank savvy, you can set up your own automatic payment and the bank will mail a check to St. Paul’s monthly.


Many people still very much like to place checks and money in the offering plate during worship services.  For some, the physical act of placing financial gifts on the plate is important to the overall experience with giving gifts to God.  That is how my family likes to participate and we’ll still be doing that.  I just wanted to share other options for some of you that might meet you where you are in your busy lives.


All of your time, talent and gifts and for all you bring to our St. Paul’s community is deeply appreciated.


~Sara Baese


Pentecost Celebrates the Spirit in the world!


This year, The Day of Pentecost is the same Sunday as the Pride Parade, June 4.

We will be marching together as a Diocese, gathering around 9:00 to 9:30 am in the staging area of 2nd West and 2nd South.   




  • There will be a permission form that all participants will need to sign. It must be signed and turned in the day of the parade. 


  • We will have a pick-up truck and a large flat-bed trailer. People who would rather not walk are welcome to climb aboard to stand or sit.  


  • It will be somewhere between warm to hot! Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and water! There will be some room on the flatbed or the back of the truck for a cooler from each parish to hold whatever drinks you bring. Also, make sure you have good walking shoes.


Instead of regular Sunday services, we will have a special Pentecost Eucharist at the Cathedral after the parade! 


There will be no Sunday services at St. Paul's on June 4, but the 5 p.m. Saturday service will celebrate Pentecost and will be held in the Nave and include a coffee hour reception. 


St. Paul’s will wear RED (the color of our parish t-shirts).  You can purchase a St. Paul’s t-shirt for $10, on sale in the parish hall Sunday, May 21 and 28 (or in the office during the week. 





The Diocese will have a booth at the Pride Festival. We have two primary booth managers but are looking for volunteers to help them engage with whoever might be curious about the Episcopal Church.   We will have fliers and brochures and everything you might need to share the excitement of being part of the Episcopal Church.


The booths are open on Friday from 5 pm to 11 pm, Saturday, from 12 pm to 11 pm, and Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.


We would like to have volunteers for 2-hour shifts, but shorter or longer shifts are also perfectly fine.  We will always have at least two people in the booth at all times. 


Volunteers should contact Daniela Lee by email at, phone at 

305-587-7025, or through Facebook where she can be found as Daniela Duberea.  


A New Study to get Ready for Pentecost 


Now that Jesus is raised and soon to be ascended where can we find him in our day to day living? Spiritual teachers of our time are sharing new insights for how we can awaken and cooperate with Divine Presence. Join us Sunday mornings until May 28 at 9:15 am

Duh... where'd he go? 

We will have 30 minutes of varying presentations followed by conversation, and a few minutes of silent reflection, as we prepare for Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit


Church Yard Work Day’s

St. Paul’s Parishioners we need your help! Please, sign-up we have 2 days we will be doing Church yard work.


Þ Saturday, June 10 | 9 am –2pm

Þ Wednesday, June 14| 6pm-8pm


Bring Your Own Tools– clippers, shrub pruners, rakes.

Please call the Church office to get signed for the dates listed or find Kim Pilger during Sunday, May 28 coffee hour she will be taking sign-ups.

Church office: 801-322-5869


Many hands make light work!


Food Pantry 

St. Paul’s Food Pantry

Dear St. Paul's Parishioners, Please consider donating the following item to the food pantry:

  • honey  -8oz. size
  • jam/ jelly   -6oz. to 8oz. size
  • mayonnaise/salad dressing  -8oz. size 
  • chicken noodle soup (There is never enough!)
  • canned chili 
  • canned "ready-made" meals; spaghetti o's ,beefaroni, ravioli, etc.  
  • cereal
  • coffee


Thank you,

Your Pantry Team



Sign up for the Food Pantry Email Distribution List


Are you a current volunteer or would you like to volunteer in the Food Pantry? If so, please sign up for our distribution list.  
You can send your info to 
we also have a sign-up sheet in the Parish Hall.

St. Paul’s Member Directory

Your Directory is ready for pick-up! If you asked for a paper copy of the Church  Member

Directory please pick yours up in the Church office today, if you would like it mailed to you please call/email Selma. Parishioners who asked for an emailed version should have that in their inbox.  We are continuously updating the information in our Member Directory so please email or bring your updates to the Church office.


Office Hours 

Regular Office Hours
Monday - Friday 
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Office Closed

 Wednesday, May 24
  Monday, May 29

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